Travel: Mauritius the perfect school holiday getaway

Travel: Mauritius the perfect school holiday getaway

By Sheetal Schneider Cross

Mauritius - There is truly no place like home, until you have stood on the golden beaches of Mauritius, while the sun sets over the horizon. You quickly realise that you never want be anywhere else in the world, but constantly in that moment of bliss.

After spending seven luxiourious days at the four star, Le Meridien ile Maurice on the North West Coast of Mauritius, I barely recognised my former stressed self. Surrounded by the most aesthetically pleasing resort, with the most delicious cuisine and unbeatable service, I can only advise one thing: save as much as you can and then ask your folks to book a trip with you.

If you are worried about being on an island for a week and bored out of your mind,  then you seriously need to get out more.

Mauritius is an amazing volcanic island that has many tourist attractions. Some of the best places to explore can be seen in the South. Each place is geared toward a child friendly atmosphere and experience. So, grab your parents and siblings and get busy living!

One of the cheapest things you and your parents can do for an entire day of fun, is a 3000 Mauritian Rupees (about R1100) return trip to the South, with a local taxi driver. They are usually parked just outside the resort and readily available at your convenience.

At the Ganga Talao or The Grand Bassin (a crater lake), we visited a  sacred temple, dedicated to various Hindu deities. Among them, stands a statue of Lord  Shiva, 33m high. Opposite this breathtaking represention, stands a statue of Durgaa Maa Bhavani, also 33m high.

Remember, the resort itself offers an array of free activities. I really enjoyed the paddle boat just off the resort shore. Also a must try, is the glass bottom boat. This is a ‘WOW’,  ‘do not miss'  kind off experience, because you get to view the seabed and underwater life forms while on board. Snorkling, swimming and chilling on the beach, as well as tanning, can also be just as fun, if you are not off parasailing out at sea.

If you are fortunate enough to stay at the Le Meridien, try to opt for a full board package. This will ensure that you enjoy a full buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, with all drinks for free. The Mauritian Rupee, while in favour of the South African Rand currently, still weighs heavily on everyday items, including the expense of bottled water. You would also need to consider the ‘tipping courtesy’, which ranges from lowest to higest, depending on your staff experiences.

Ask the resort’s wonderful conceige or guest relations manager, Roomesh Boojhawon or Sarah Shiraz, for your complimentary picnic pack. As part of your stay under full board, the hotel arranges  a vegetarian lunch box with sandwiches, salad, water, juice and fruit, for your day trip out. You can of course, still enjoy their amazing buffet breakfast and dinner, before and after.

As a young person enjoying a bit of fun in the sun, it will change the way you view the world and yourself. Do yourself a favour and go to Mauritius.

Interested? Watch the short video below to see what Mauritius has to offer!

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