Check out the latest Samsung smartphones

Guess what has just arrived in South Africa? Yup, the Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 smartphones.

The Galaxy A3 is expected to sell at R4499. It's the cheaper of the two new entries, but packs some impressive hardware, regardless.

The cheaper Galaxy A3 has a 1.2Ghz quad-core processor, 4.5-inch 960x540 display, 1GB of RAM and 16GBs of expandable storage.

It also has an 8MP main camera, 5MP selfie shooter and starts off with the Android 4.4 operating system.

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NASA is building a new telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is turning 25 years old in April 2015 (this year).

Long before many of your were born, scientists at NASA started thinking about ways to look at what was beyond the Earth. 

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a space telescope that was launched into low Earth orbit in 1990, and still remains active.

It's large... with a 2.4-meter mirror that is coated with special chemicals to observe objects in different light conditions.

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Why do we Cry when we Cut Onions?

Finally, it's all been explained.

Sure, there's some big words in this video, but to know that you cry because an onion aborbs sulphur from the ground when it grows, is pretty awesome knowledge to have around the playground!

And next time your dad or mom sheds a tear (or many) while chopping everyones favourite pizza topping, at least you'll know it's not because of anything you did!!

So, with that, here's the 'chop-chop' lesson on why onions make us cry when we cut them. 

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Google Glass; How it works


You've heard of Google Glass, right? The device you were like a pair of spectacles and which allows you to literally see your world through your eyes?

Well, there are some cool changes that we can expect from the tech giant company Google in 2015. We're talking instant updates and answers for when you need it most. With 'OK Google' you can voice search, handsfree. You can record those awesome moments on the sports field, or even tune into an online class.

At Google, a group of explorers is helping them understand all that Glass can do. 

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In 20 years, you could live here

Johannesburg - It will cost about R84-billion to build, but in 15-20 years time, Modderfontein will be the place for South Africa's truly "smart city".

The term smart city means using technology to reduce wastage, increase productivity, use natural resources better and have efficient use of transport, energy, health care and so on.

The city that is being built in Modderfontein will have its own state-of-the-art hospital, a brand new sports stadium and houses for about 35,000 people. It will be on the Gautrain route and that means faster transport for residents.

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Senzori de poziţie şi unghiulari de la ASM GmbH

ASM GmbH este un dezvoltator şi producător german de senzori de poziţie mecatronici pentru utilizarea în aplicaţii industriale şi unul din liderii în domeniul măsurării poziţiei, cu o experienţă de mai multe decenii. Soluţiile ASM sunt utilizate cu succes în întreaga lume de companii din toate sectoarele industriei cum ar fi ingineria mecanică, producţia de automobile, aeronautica, ingineria medicală, industria oţelului, prelucrarea lemnului, vehicule comerciale, industria alimentară sau tehnologia de depozitare.

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Professional Biography

Robert M. Williams was born in New York in 1953. He attended Syracuse University and received a B.A. degree in Chemistry in 1975. While at Syracuse, he did undergraduate research with Nobel Laureate Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi.
He entered the Ph.D. program at MIT and earned his Ph.D. degree in 1979 under the supervision of Prof. William H. Rastetter. His doctoral studies were concerned with the total synthesis of two fungal metabolites, gliovictin and hyalodendrin.

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