Teen's shot at helping cancer detection

15-year-old Jack Andraka has developed a promising new test for detecting pancreatic cancer early, because too often the disease isn’t diagnosed until it has spread throughout the body.

Down the road, Andraka’s test could save many lives.

In the meantime, it has netted him a win in the world’s largest high school science competition.

Watch his utterly thought-provoking talk at TED in the video below.


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The app developer who's 12!

Perhaps you have used Thomas Suarez’s most famous iPhone app, the whack-a-mole game “Bustin Jeiber”?

While most kids his age were playing online games, Suarez was learning how to make them.

At TEDxManhattanBeach, he shares how he is sharing his knowledge and teaching other kids to develop apps too.

Watch his talk in the video below. We hope it will encourage you to change the world in a way only you can.

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Calbuco volcano eruption: Worst is not over

Chile - If you've been following news of the Calbuco volcano that erupted after 50 years of being dormant, the latest to come out of Chile is that the area (Puerto Montt) could face dangerous conditions as bad weather moves in.

Acid rain (caused by the fine volcanic ash mixing with moisture in the atmosphere) and mud slides have been forecast for the area. 

The volcano has erupted three more times since it exploded on the 22nd of April 2015.   

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HAL robot suit changes disability

Right at this very moment, people who cannot walk or lift up heavy objects are finding a new way to live their lives. It's all thanks to the Hybrid Assistive Limb (also known as HAL).
This 'robot suit' is powered with a battery pack and enables the wearer to do the kinds of physical tasks they were once not used to doing. 
For people with physical disabilities, this a dream come true because HAL allows them to walk up stairs, lift objects and gives them back some of the independence one loses when they become disabled.

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What is biometrics and why is it on my phone?

The new Windows 10 operating system is going to take the traditional use of a password and bring it into the 21st century.

According to Microsoft, the Windows Hello feature will use biometric authenitcation to decrease the use of traditionally passwords. Biometric authentification will allow users to sign in to their phone or computer using facial recognition, fingerprints or even the iris of the eye. 

The company said the use of biometrics would possibly reduce hacking as these elements are unique to each person. 

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This car doesn't need a driver

The United Kingdom will invest in developing a driver-less 'car'.

Yesterday, the Lutz was shown to members of the media.

The vehicle is better known as a pod and has a massive windscreen and futuristic-looking wheel caps.

At the moment, the car isn't intended to be rode on highways, but more along quiet roads.

One of the main challenges scientists and engineers faced was making sure Lutz could obey road traffic rules.

Watch the video below to learn more about this futuristic technology.

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