Pistorius' story of torture and his powerful mind

Johannesburg - You might have heard about the South African man who fell into a coma and spent 13 years locked in his body with no means to communicate to those who thought he was just a vegetable. 

Martin Pistorius' -- no relation to Oscar -- incredible journey took another life changing turn when an alert nurse noticed a response-action in him that was so slight even his own family missed it in the decade and a bit that they had been caring for him.

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Heat wave pushes temps up by 9C

Johannesburg - In case you were wondering, last year this time it was a cool 24C, with a night time temperature of 9C. Today, it's 33C, with a RealFeel® temperature of 38C. 

Hot winds, dry conditions, unabating sunshine and very little promise of rain are all contributing factors to the heat wave that has currently swept over Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and our country's neighbours. 

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Free fall from 41km above land

Johannesburg - On October 21, last year, Alan Eustace stepped into his custom-built 227 kilogram space suit and skydived from the stratosphere. He attached himself to a weather balloon, and climbed until he reached 41 kilometers above earth. From there, he free fell back to Earth and in the process broke both the sound barrier and previous records for high-altitude jumps.

His story traverses the path of courage and exploration, which often requires both. 

Watch Mr. Eustace talk about his experience in an enthralling 14 minute video, below. 

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R1m auditorium opens at CT Science Centre

Cape Town - A brand new auditorium has been opened at the Cape Town Science Centre.
Minister of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor was present at today's official opening.
She said science centres were capable of developing outreach programmes that could extend into the deepest peri-urban and rural communities.
Ms. Pandor said there was no doubt that a network of science centres would unleash the potential of millions of young African people, and promote science awareness on a continent that is rapidly embracing the digital age.

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This man 3D-printed a supercar

Johannesburg - Meet Blade, a supercar with a chassis entirely printed in 3D.

Blade's creators, Divergent Microfactories say the idea behind 3D-printing the car is to limit the impact building cars the traditional way have on the environment.

The company's CEO, Mr. Kevin Czinger, is confident that Blade is one of the greenest produced in the world. And that's not to exclude its incredible power. 

The technology used by Divergent Microfactories is used to 3D-print the chasis out of aluminium and carbon-fibre. 

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Durbs to Joburg in 30mins

Johannesburg - Flying to Durban from Johannesburg? 50 minutes; Drivingto Durban from Johannesburg? 6 hours; Hyperlooping to Durban from Johannesburg? Half an hour. 

That's what South African entrepreneur Elon Musk suggests with his latest human travel concept. 

The Hyperloop is a tube that transports people in pods at speeds of up to 1,200km/h. It was unveiled by Mr. Musk in 2013 as a more cost effective means of transport both in time and money.

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