Inspiring interactive digital magazine to hit SA

We looked. We really did. We just could not find an interactive digital magazine in South Africa that did what digital magazines in the so-called developed world could do. It wasn't a software thing because that's globally available. It was, in our opinion, a skills thing. Too many "hack jobs" out there pretending to carry the work of professional online journalists and designers but lacking in every way. Don't get us wrong, traditionally, many of the online magazines found in SA come from print versions.

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The coolest animal you know nothing about

Although the tapir is one of the world's largest land mammals, the lives of these solitary, nocturnal creatures have remained a mystery.

In this insightful talk, conservation biologist, tapir expert and TED Fellow Patrícia Medici says her research has shown that the "the living fossil" (as the tapir is described) arrived on the evolutionary scene more than 5 million years ago.

Today, threats from poachers, deforestation and pollution, especially in quickly industrialising Brazil, threatens its longevity.

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All you need to know about iOS dev

By Mnaoj Rawat

Johannesburg - iOS, the operating system used by Apple, continues to see adoption by app developers due to skyrocketing rise in the numbers of people using iOS devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. Most clients want to join the bandwagon of iOS development as Apple acquires a big chunk of market shares in the mobile platform. Here's what you need to know about iOS development.

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Go deep under the Earth's surface with Francesco

Cave explorer and geologist Francesco Sauro travels to the hidden continent under our feet, surveying deep, dark places inside the earth that humans have never been able to reach before.

In the spectacular tepuis of South America, he finds new minerals and insects that have evolved in isolation, and he uses his knowledge of these alien worlds to train astronauts.

Watch Mr. Sauro's fascinating talk -- complete with breathtaking pictures -- in the video below.

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How I Teach Kids to Love Science

At the Harbour School in Hong Kong, Cesar Harada teaches citizen science and invention to the next generation of environmentalists. He's moved his classroom into an industrial mega-space where imaginative kids work with wood, metal, chemistry, biology, optics and, occasionally, power tools to create solutions to the threats facing the world's oceans. There, he instills a universal lesson that his own parents taught him at a young age: "You can make a mess, but you have to clean up after yourself."

Watch the fully talk in the video below.

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Twitter introduces polling to tweets

Johannesburg - Twitter has announced a brand new feature called Twitter Polls.

With it, users can canvass public opinion in on absolutely anything or suss out what a majority of people actually think about a particular topic.

The social media giant made the announcement today. In a statement, Twitter product manager Todd Sherman said:

"We’re excited to share that in the coming days, everyone will be able to create polls on Twitter. And, with just a couple of taps, people can weigh in on all the topics they care about.

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