PICS: Krejcir's hollywood-style attempted prison break

PICS: Krejcir's hollywood-style attempted prison break

Johannesburg - "[It is] like watching a movie," wrote police spokesperson Solomon Makgale when he posted pictures on his Facebook page of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejčíř's alleged attempt to escape from prison.  

At the weekend, a 45-year-old estate agent was arrested after it was found that she had smuggled a cellphone into prison via Mr. Krejčíř's shoes. Mr. Makgale said the woman claimed she was instructed to take the item to Mr. Krejčíř. The device found was a Samsung cellphone that had been hidden in the sole of the left shoe. It's believed Mr. Krejčíř' planned to escape at his next court appearance this month, although, News24 reported that a helicopter, which had been circling above the prison, flew away when the National Intervention Unit was called to the scene to investigate. 

The Sunday Times reported that not too long before this latest incident, authorities discovered a cellphone inside the handle of Mr. Krejčíř's kettle and a number of cellphone batteries were found in a steel container that had been located beneath the element of an electric frying pan (headline image) that he was also allowed to have. According to the publication, Mr. Krejčíř's underwear had also contained a cellphone. 

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Pictures credit: Facebook/Solomon Makgale

Last month, the Department of Correctional Services said it had successfully stopped what appeared to be an escape plan by inmates that Mr. Krejčíř was allegedly part of. 

During the department's raid, items reportedly found in his cell included a gun with ammunition, pepper spray, a suspected Taser, a knife, a steel screwdriver, 10 cellphones, and a memory stick and diary that reportedly had a list of witnesses and investigators. 

In July 2013, Mr. Krejčíř was himself a victim of a 'Hollywood-style" attempted assassination. His parked car was riddled with bullets from a vehicle that had its rear bumper area fitted with a remote activated automatic weapon and that was parked at his Bedfordview office in Bradford Road (check out the footage in the video below). It's believed that the automatic gun was activated as Mr. Krejčíř left his car and was walking toward his office. 

Why is Mr. Krejčíř wanted?

1. In September 2015, he was convicted of attempted murder, kidnapping and dealing in drugs, over the abduction and torture of Bheki Lukhele. The case also involved the disappearance of Mr. Lukhele's brother, Doctor, who went missing with 25kg of tik. Doctor, was found to have worked at a cargo company at OR Tambo International Airport prior to his disappearance

2. In the Czech Republic, he is wanted on tax crimes

3. Well known forensic expert Paul O'Sullivan has alleged that he has tried to kill him no less than six times. 

4. He also faces allegations of extortion, fraud, kidnapping, corruption, conspiracy to commit murder and murder.

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