To be a good South African

Have you ever given thought to what makes a good South African citizen?

Newsful, in conjuction with absolutely nobody else, is embarking on an essay competition for the topic; To be a good South African. 

We haven't got prizes lined up just yet -- other than publicity for ones that really stand out --  but when that changes, you'll know via our Facebook page.

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Does the SCA believe that Judge Masipa got it wrong? Seven points they've raised

Bloemfontein - Judge Eric Leach has raised doubt over Oscar Pistorius's intention in firing the shots that killed Reeva Steenkamp, saying, the issue at hand is not whether Reeva was behind the door, but rather that Mr. Pistorius knew there was a definitely a person in the toilet that he fired into and that his action in shooting would see the demise of that person.

Questions and statements asked by the judges (not verbatim):
1. Did Mr. Pistorius genuinely believe that he was entitled to shoot through the toilet door?

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ANC membership drops 99.23% according to Zuma

Johannesburg - If President Jacob Zuma is to be taken at his word, then ANC membership has dropped 99.23%.

President Zuma made a statement at his party's National General Council (NGC) at Gallagher Estate in Midrand over the weekend, saying membership slid from 100, 200 000 (100.2 million) to around 769 820 in 2015. While the figure (100 million) could be erroneous, this repeat incident drives home the importance of being able to allow the media and the public to have factual information.

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PICS: Monster storm hits Durban, damage reported

Editor's note: This article has been edited to remove comment from a resident. We felt there was no overwhelming evidence to suggest the storm caused electrical damage to the resident's home and that the incident could have been purely co-incidental. 

Durban - An intense electrical storm that hit the coastal city of Durban last night has been the topic of several online conversations today. Several people have shared images of lightning strikes that took place during the storm. 

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Comedian hosts Heritage Day world record attempt

Durban - Masood Boomgaard, journalist, comedian and now, hopeful Guinness World Record holder will be hosting a Heritage Day braai-a-thon on Thursday, national Heritage Day.

The initiative is backed by Red Bull, Star Meats, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Coo-ee and Durban Street Food Festival. 

It will see Mr. Boomgaard braai, non-stop, for 80 hours starting on Thursday. 

The record will not only solidify South Africa's braai capital of the world status, but will also feed the hungry.

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