Anti-Zuma sentiment growing in SA

Johannesburg - Over 1,000 people from an estimated 72 organisations met at the University of Johannesburg's Soweto campus on Saturday morning to call for President Jacob Zuma to resign. There was also a call for the National Assembly to dissolve.

The gathering started off in song "(Steve) Biko would cry if he saw us like this" as members of the general public, faith-based organisations, trade unions and civil society activists gathered to fill the campus's main hall. 

Dinga Sikwebu and Ferrial Adams chaired the meeting.

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R6k more needed to help brave child battling rare cancer

Johannesburg - Despite the odds given to six-year-old Layla O'Neill, she's survived four years more than doctors initially thought.

Layla is one of about 700 people in the world with a rare cancer called Ependymoma.

She was diagnosed when she was two years old after tumours were found on her spine and at the base of her brain stem. 

Treatment to save her life, has cost her the use of her legs, and Layla can no longer walk. Still, even with her walking disability, this young child continues to stay positive about her condition.

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You did it! Over 1.3MIL voters turn up to register

Johannesburg - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has reported a 20.73% (1, 384, 254) were new registrations increase in new voter registrations this year.

In a statement today, the IEC said the figure was based of numbers of first time voters who heeded invitation to register during March and April.

Of those who visited voting stations over the two weekends this year, 2, 253, 645 (33.74%) re-registered in a different voting district and 3, 040, 835 (45.53%) re-registered in the same voting district. 

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