Stranger saves mom's life after bee sting leaves her unconscious

Stranger saves mom's life after bee sting leaves her unconscious

Johannesburg - A 20-year-old college student has saved the life of a woman who went into anaphylactic shock minutes after she was stung by a bee.

Nicole Gillian Morgan took to Facebook on Saturday to detail her experience. She said she went out with her six-year-old son Mikey, to meet a friend at Cedar Square shopping centre in Fourways, when a bee stung her on her arm. 

Ms. Morgan said the bee was removed and to her knowledge, she wasn't allergic after having no reactions from two past stings she experienced, several years ago. Little did Ms. Morgan know  just four minutes later, she'd be lying unconscious on the floor of a grocery store.

"For some reason, I didn't leave the centre immediately... instead I asked Mikey if he'd like something for lunch." The mother of two said it was this decision that prevented something more drastic from happening, like passing out while driving with her son.

Mikey said he wanted something sweet to eat, so they walked to a grocery store in the shopping centre. As she was paying for the items. Ms. Morgan said she felt her body swelling, had extreme difficulty in breathing and her heart rate spiked. She said she felt weak and sat down on the floor of the grocery shop. Mikey, confused by what was happening, started crying and tugged at her to leave the store.

While this was happening, Mr. Seutane, was walking to the gym with his headphones on. Ms. Morgan said it was Mikey's look of desperation that caught his attention and he rushed over to help.

Mr. Seutane raised Ms. Morgan's arms above her head to increase her ability to breathe. Just before she could pass out, she managed to tell Mr. Seutane that she needed to be taken to hospital. Only six hours later, would she regain consciousness. 

Mr. Seutane took control of the situation and comforted Mikey while getting his mom to his car so he could rush her to the nearest hospital. While he strapped Ms. Morgan into the back seat of the car, he told Mikey that he would have to "drive very fast" to get her to hospital. 

Treatment was administered, Ms. Morgan's husband and mother-in-law arrived at the hospital and both were briefed about the dire situation. Mr. Seutane insisted that he stay until she awoke.

According to Ms. Morgan, the doctors who treated her feared the worst. Still, she pulled through after receiving several shots of adrenaline to kick-start her heart.

She said after recovering, she and her family met with Mr. Seutane to personally thank him for saving her life. Ms. Morgan said: "He has given me my life, restored my faith in the youth of South Africa and in fact humanity as a whole and I can honestly say that he has made me see life in a completely different way."

On Sunday, Mr. Seutane, upon reading her heartfelt post, thanked Ms. Morgan for her kind words. He said: "All these messages really are touching. I hope that through my efforts, I've inspired and rekindled faith in both the youth and our great nation."

Ms. Morgan's original post was shared over 8,000 times by Monday morning. 

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