Too young to think about Retirement? No way!

It's really difficult to imagine a time when you'll be older, but you've heard many adults talking about retirement, so you might as well know what it's all about.

Retirement is the process of leaving work and living off the money you have saved. Basically, if saved a lot for the day you retire, you can do fun stuff all day long and still be able to pay for it. If you didn't save much before you retire, you're going to find it difficult to do most things and chances are high that you'll have to find work to support yourself.

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Were you Born to be your own Boss?








In this episode of Cha-Ching, bass player, Justin explains to his friends what an Entrepreneur is -- someone who has lots of ideas, a bit like him. Justin goes on to show his friends how he is able to understand people's wants and needs and, therefore, bring his ideas to life.

So, do you see yourself being your own boss someday? Tell us why in the comments section below.

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The Most Popular African City to Visit

Johannesburg - A study has revealed that the most popular city to visit on the entire African continent, is Johannesburg.

The report was done by MasterCard yesterday (Wednesday).

Cape Town was the second most popular African city to visit.

Although the report doesn't say why Johannesburg is the most popular city, it is known that a lot of international flights land directly in Johannesburg.

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Bronchoplasty is a reconstruction or repair of the bronchus to restore the integrity of the lumen. Bronchoplasties have a remarkable role in management of benign and malignant pulmonary lesions. The first bronchoplasty was performed by Bigger in 1932. Various novel techniques have been used to treat a wide range of pathological conditions.

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CityWatchLA - Paging City Hall: Curtain is Up at Theater of the Absurd

BOX SOAP - As the City of LA’s $6.9 billion budget drama played out in City Hall, it was the robust discussion of the current city staff reliance on pagers that demonstrated City Hall’s commitment to the status quo and its complete inability to move forward.

Pagers are a thing of the past, unless you arrive at TGI Friday’s during rush hour when there’s a long wait for tables. Then, and only then, is the little blinky pager/coaster an appropriate tool for communication.

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Eliminating the incidence of Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair is a common skin irritation that persists in many people and is often triggered with poor shaving techniques. There are some important precautions to watch out for while dealing with how to get rid of ingrown hairs. It is important that you should not try to pluck any of the ingrown hair from the hair follicle as it can result in the infection in the follicles. Also, you should try not to squeeze the surrounding area. A further infection may worsen the condition and as a result you will end up with serious problems within the epidermis.

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