Minister vows to house all military vets in 8 months

Johannesburg - Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu has vowed to provide houses for the more than 5,000 military veterans who form part of the Department of Military Veterans (DMV).
The Minister was speaking yesterday at the City of Cape Town Council Chambers, where about 200 veterans were present. 
She said her department would prioritise the housing plan for members of the DMV, adding that delivery on this particular project was "one of the key government priorities".

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Pension fund reform is critical, says minister

Johannesburg - Deputy Minister of Finance Mcebisi Jonas has warned that pension fund reform must be addressed more seriously in the country.
He was speaking at the fifth Annual Audit Committee Conference in Sandton yesterday.
Mr Jonas said that the issue of reform was topical in light of the financial crisis faced in several countries around the world.
He said pension funds played an important role in the national economy, adding that it guarded against poverty in old age.

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Shree Property Holdings | Investors and Seed Funders

About Shree Property Holdings

Shree Property Holdings was established in 2007 as a property development company specialising in A Grade industrial warehousing. The organisation is a family owned company, based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. With a massive property portfolio of over 350 000 square metres situated in and around the coastal city, Shree Property Holdings is now expanding into Durban's port and prospected future port.

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How to save for every life stage

Johannesburg - Recent reports have shown that only 20% of South Africans have any kind of formal savings. 
According to Nitesh Patel, Head of Customer Financial Solutions: Personal Banking at Standard Bank: “One of the main reasons people become over-indebted is that they do not know how to save, so they rely on credit."
Mr Patel said while not all credit is bad, "...the most damaging aspect of it is the funding of an unaffordable lifestyle..." He advised South African's to reexamine their financial health and to consider a saving strategy. 

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SACCI appoints Alan Mukoki as CEO

Johannesburg - The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry has appointed Alan Mukoki as its new CEO. Mukoki is the first black CEO to take the reigns in the organisation. At a media briefing yesterday, he said he planned to take the organisation to greater heights, to make it more recognisable and accessible. Mukoki, the former Land Bank CEO, has also held key positions in both the private and public sectors.

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Gotta love these Starbucks lovers

Johannesburg - No, you're not insane. Starbucks is really coming to South Africa.

The brand announced today that it will be opening its first sub-Saharan Africa store in the city, through a partnership with Taste Holdings.

No specific details were given, but Starbucks said it expects to make it's first cuppa during the first half of 2016. Better latte than never.

According to the agreement with Taste Holdings, they are allowed to open several stores on the continent and have a licensing agreement that lasts for 25 yeas. 

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15 people work for this teen entrepreneur

Johannesburg - Meet Ben Towers, a teen entrepreneur who started his own digital media agency at the age of 11 and who has 15 people working for him.

Ben's company Towers Design is now looking a new social media venture called Social Marley.

His product collects social media data reports and access to the different social media networks a company uses and merges both into one dashboard.

At the moment, Ben is marketing Social Marley to small businesses. He says, Social Marley saves time and it seems the public agrees.

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What we really think about

Johannesburg - has done it again.

It's provided a memorable flight, reached out to passengers who are celebrating something and given us just what we want -- to get to our destination.

It should come as no surprise then, that the low-cost South African airline has emerged at the top of South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi). 

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How the petrol price is calculated

Johannesburg - Don't be alarmed for not knowing this (quite a few adults don't either) but there is a science to how the fuel price is calculated. This is the reason why the fuel price goes up or decreases every so often.

To learn how the fuel price is calculated, we must first understand that petrol is charged per litre. We must also understand that the oil used to make the fuel is bought in US Dollars. And finally, we must understand that many taxes and levies are added onto the original price paid from overseas. 

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