Mexico invests over R334 billion to cut greenhouse gases

Mexico City - Mexico's government has indicated that it will invest $23 billion (R334 billion) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent. Authorities said the project would roll out at its refineries where emission from its gasoline production would be tackled. According to The Tico Times, the project will generate 63,000 direct jobs. It's believed the move has been co-funded by private investment. 


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Why the best hire might not have the perfect CV

Given the choice between a job candidate with a perfect resume and one who has fought through difficulty, human resources executive Regina Hartley always gives the "Scrapper" a chance.

As someone who grew up with adversity, Hartley knows that those who flourish in the darkest of spaces are empowered with the grit to persist in an ever-changing workplace.


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The story of how Newsful started

Remember when you were young and you dreamed of changing the world? 

The people at Newsful: Useful News Now. never really did move on from that ideal. Now, as skilled adults, we are changing the world.

After 15 years in the mainstream hard news media, our founder, Benita Enoch,  started a news agency with principles she could believe in again. She started publishing news that would prompt South Africans to innovate, invent and inject positive solutions all round. She wanted news that was  useful and thus, Newsful, was born. 

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SA govt talks 'rands and nairas'

Johannesburg - The Department of Trade and Industry has complimented Nigeria on its economic growth, saying their success presents unlimited opportunities for South Africa.
Speaking at the Trade and Investment Seminar that took place in Lagos on Thursday, Deputy Minister Mzwandile Masina said: "Nigeria has been experiencing rapid economic growth, averaging over 7% a year over the past decade, making it one of the world’s fastest growing economies and attracting investment around Africa and the rest of the world."

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New business spotlight: Brainbow Productions

Lights, camera and action! Three words that bring joy to the lives of three inspiring Johannesburg female filmmakers.

While many people are looking for the glamorous life that comes with being in front of the camera, these three are happy to tell the stories behind the scenes. Brainbow Productions is unlike any other television production company. Mukundi Lambani, Kutlwano Makgalemele and Chule Gobodo, the owners of the business, have decided to take a different approach and tell stories that matter on a different platform, online.

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This could be SA's youngest millionaire

Johannesburg - Sandile Shezi is the 23-year-old Founder and CEO of the Global Forex Institute -- a company he founded , in part, with the university money his parents gave him.
The graceful, massively insightful youngster, talks to CCTV Africa about his rise in business, his ambitions and the free education he gives to South Africans.
Mr. Shezi often takes to his personal Facebook page to share leadership wisdom.

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SA loses R7bn annually from water leaks

Johannesburg - A war on water leaks is expected to be launched this week by President Jacob Zuma and the Department of Water and Sanitation.
The campaign is in an effort to curb the loss of unaccounted for water, caused by leaking taps, pipes and illegal connections.
It's expected that Zuma will also announce the training of 15,000 plumbers to fix leaking taps and pipes in their communities.
It's believed that losses of close to R7 billion are faced annually.

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Small business? Govt has R30m for you

Johannesburg - The Department of Social Development says it has set aside R30 million to help those who have established businesses in poor communities, by turning to them as suppliers to government.
In a statement, Minister Bathabile Dlamini said her department would work with the South African Social Security Agency and the National Development Agency to fight poverty and unemployment through the programme. 

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Meet Skywise's hip, new Co-CEO

Johannesburg - He's not that easy to find on Facebook, but that doesn't mean that Skywise Airline's new Co-CEO -- Irfan Pardesi -- isn't with it. 
The aviation company made the announcement today, saying Mr. Pardesi will share his role with the current CEO Johan Borstlap.
In a statement, Mr. Pardesi said:

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