Nike delivers swift kick to Kanye after his latest twitter rant

If you didn't witness the self-proclaimed King of Rap -- Kanye West -- beg Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for money on Twitter on Monday, there's much you missed.

The celebrity's inner battle raged on in public view as he spoke about not having "enough resources" to create the work he needs to, about his responsibility to provide (Louis Vuitton) for his family and of course his sure-to-happen domination of the music, fashion and everything else that may ever exist in this world and galaxy. Everything of course, except his own social network. 

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Toss out the flowers and chocs for Valentine's Day. Women absolutely LOVE this gift idea

Durban - So, here's the thing; every year, despite being subtly and overtly reminded that Valentine's Day is around the corner, we all leave our shopping and gift ideas for the very last minute. 

It seems inevitable that you're going to pick up chocolate and/or lingerie, put it into a gift bag and present it to your loved one. But, be reminded that in South Africa, February is still considered a summer month and the likelihood of your dark or white chocolate melting into the lingerie you just purchased, doesn't make for a very safe gift to give.

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Low altitude jet flys by Fourways

Johannesburg - Residents and motorists in Fourways were treated to an unusual sight on Thursday evening when a jet did a fly-by over the area.

The jet engine's roar was the first to alert Newsful staff, who managed to capture a short video. 

The pilot circle overhead three times before flying off into the sunset. 

Watch the video below.

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Kanye West auditioned for Idols... what could go wrong?

So, Kanye West decided to audition for American Idol. 

He went before the judges with the loving support of his wife Kim Kardashian. Despite Mrs. Kardashian-West having released a single called "Jam (Turn it up)" the reality star and mother of two did not give Mr. West any advice.

During his interview with the judges, Mr. West said he had been a producer but had a dream to rap. He mentioned how nobody believed in him (of course he did).

At the end of his audition -- an original work -- the judges handed Mr. West a golden ticket.

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Iman on her great marriage to the late David Bowie

Johannesburg - It's headline news around the world. David Bowie, the artist who entertained the world with his music for 50 years, died peacefully on Sunday, after battling cancer. He was 69.

This morning, his representative Steve Martin took to Facebook to share the news. Mr. Martin said the star was surrounded by family and that Mr. Bowie had fought against the cancer for 18 months.

"While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief," the post read.

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